Firework Night

Firework Night has inspired the children to make up an amazing Bonfire Dance with streamers. We needed lots of room so we went to ‘Big School’ to perform it.

We’re going to build a bonfire! A Bonfire! A bonfire!

The flames they are a flickering! a flickering, a flickering!

The flames are getting bigger! Bigger! Bigger!

The flames they are a dancing! Dancing! Dancing!

The flames are getting smaller, our bonfires almost gone.

Nursery children enjoy being fire fighters

Following the visit from the Fire brigade. The Nursery children had great fun with their fire fighter challenge. The children pretended to be fire fighters. When the emergency call came in they had to quickly get dressed in their fire fighter clothes, this included jackets, trousers, boots and helmets. Then they had to rush to the fire. Once there they worked as team passing buckets of water down the line to put out the’fire’. Everyone had a great time and showed super team work!

Look how quickly we got dressed!

Fire Brigade Visit

The children were very excited this week when they had a visit from the Royston Fire Brigade and their Fire truck. The children had prepared some questions for the Firefighters and then were able to climb aboard the fire truck and see how it worked.

What do you wear?

How do you breath in a fire?

How long is your longest hose?

Science Day in the Nursery

A super time was had by the children who attend on a Friday morning when a group of scientists arrived armed with a Spinning Tardis and Magic Bubbles. The children were amazed to see the spinning Tardis, It happened when the ‘Tardis’, a carton with holes punched in the bottom of each side, was filled with water and as it was lifted up it began to spin around as the water was projected from each of the holes.
They children also had great fun trying to blow different shape bubbles only to discover that bubbles love to be spheres.

The Spinning Tardis

Filling up the Tardis with water

Getting the Tardis to spin

Trying to blow a square bubble

What shape will this bubble be?

All aboard – Steam Train Fun!

This week as part of our topic ‘On the Move’ we have been learning about all types of trains. The highlight of our week was making our own steam train and then showing it off to Mr Hartga who had come in to talk about different types of trains he has driven.

Mr Hartga shows us his special gloves and overalls.

The spade for shovelling coal

Part of the railway track

Mr Hartga in his diesel drivers uniform

Trying on hats and gloves

Highly visible in Mr Hartga’s HiVi

Chinese New Year

The children really enjoyed celebrating the year of the rooster. We cooked our own Chinese stir fry with oodles of noodles. We hoped for good luck by making special good luck door hangers. We created beautiful Chinese lanterns which really helped us practise out cutting skills. We developed our folding skills when we made fans and Chinese money wallets in traditional red & gold. We were very proud of our Dragon dance in PE where we worked hard as team. We thought our Dragon and Lion collages were pretty cool! We had great fun in our Chinese restaurant role-play too! All in all we had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese Stir Fry yum yum!

Lucky door hangers

Amazing Chinese Dragon

Chinese money wallets

Chinese fans

Chinese lanterns

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Nursery children are really enjoying their new topic of Traditional Tales. Our work based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears allowed us to have great fun with PORRIDGE. All the children had the opportunity to make and taste porridge. The children also enjoyed working at the malleable materials table to investigate different bowls of porridge- ‘This one’s too sticky’ This one’s too runny’ ‘But this one is just right’ was some of the talk overheard.

Making porridge

Stirring the porridge

Eating porridge

Which bowl is just right?