Standalone Farm

Our Trip to Standalone Farm

We had lots of fun on our class trip to Standalone Farm.
We got to see turkeys, sheep, horses, goats, Alpacas and pigs.
We had our picnic lunch altogether in a big circle.
We had fun playing on the climbing frames and it was great to see the model train set move around too!

On the Move

What a busy term we have had; our topic for this term is ‘On the Move’ and we have been thinking about lots of different transport and started our indoor PE lessons as well as using the sports equipment in the nursery garden.

We have turned our role play area in the nursery into a Garage – we have been making lots of noise mending all the cars!

We turned one of the huts outside into a ticket office and we have had fun being tourists in London finding all the attractions around the garden!

We were scientists when we carried out an experiment on floating and sinking; we predicted what we thought would happen to the objects, we carried out an investigation and then talked about what had happened and why we thought it had happened.

We have been busy using recycled materials to create our own models of different types of transport – can you guess what types we have made?

It’s Christmas!

The children have been having lots of fun celebrating Christmas in the Nursery.


The Nursery Team would like to wish all the children and their families are Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you for all the cards, gifts and Christmas wishes.

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff


We have been learning about The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

We have been making bridges out of different materials and comparing.

We have been practicing our balancing skills by walking across our own bridge at nursery,

and developing our cutting skills by making our grass for the goats to eat.

Hello Autumn!

We have had a fun couple of weeks in Nursery learning about autumn.
We talked about how the world around us starts to change; the weather gets cold, the trees start to change colour and the leaves fall.

We went on an Autumn Hunt around the nursery and school grounds; we found lots of different signs of autumn and used these to decorate our memory cards.

In the nursery, we have been very creative using vegetables to create fantastic printing paintings.


As part of the whole school’s Harvest celebrations, we worked together to made 4 Scarecrows that are linked to our topic ‘When I grow up’.
It was lots of fun stuffing the straw into the bodies, making the hair using pipe cleaners and drawing faces onto the pumpkins!


We have been busy strengthening our fingers too.
We used the tweezers to try and free the spiders from the giant spiders’ web.

We got very sticky exploring the pumpkins; using the hammers and golf tees to make holes and scooping out the seeds with spoons.


We certainly have had a busy first term together in nursery!

Welcome to Nursery – September 2021

We have had a fun and busy September in nursery; getting to know each other and exploring the nursery inside and out!

Week of Fun!

What a fantastic way to finish our year together!

On Monday, we had a PE day. The children came to school wearing a PE kit and we spent the day playing with all the different PE equipment. We had egg and spoon races, used the parachute and ran on the running track together.


On Tuesday, we had art day. The children brought a pebble in from home which they painted. We had lots of craft activities as well; making pasta necklaces, painting using dinosaurs and cards and creating nature collages.

On Wednesday, we had our Teddy Bears picnic. The children (and adults!) brought a special teddy in from home and we all had a picnic together at snack time. Our teddies got to listen to stories and even joint in with Brain Gym.


On Thursday, we had a water fun day. We set up lots of different water activities outside including a car wash, drainpipes and stands but we had the most fun and got the wettest when the sprinkler came out and the adults got the water pistols out!


On Friday, all the children came in for our Nursery Party. We made decorations for the garden and got our favourite toys out to play with. We had music playing and lots of great dancing going on. We had an ice pop and all sat together one last time for a special snack time that included cakes!


The Nursery staff would like to say a big thank to all the children for the cards and gifts.
It has been a wonderful year with the children and we wish them all the very best when they move to their new reception classes.
Have a lovely summer everyone!


The Gingerbread Man and The Tiger who came to tea.

In June, we have been carrying on with our topic ‘Food Glorious Food’ by learning about the stories The Gingerbread Man and The Tiger who came to tea.

We made our own gingerbread man biscuits and decorated them with raisins.
Our number challenge was to practise our counting and number recognition skills when adding buttons to a gingerbread man.

We have been learning about repeated patterns and made our own stripy tiger mask.

We learnt how to play the game Knickerbocker Glory; taking turns and talking about different fruit toppings for our ice creams too.

We set up our own café outside so we could have our tea just like in the story.

We have continued to enjoy playing on our role play area; Icknield Shop.
It’s great fun to be the customer and fill up our trolley with lots of food and take it to the till to be scanner by the cashier.

Food Glorious Food

We have enjoyed starting our new topic Food Glorious Food this month.

We learnt about the story of Oliver’s Vegetables and used props to retell the story without using the book.

We tasted some of the different vegetables from the story too.

We learnt about the story Handa’s Surprise.
This story is set in Africa; we used a globe to find where Africa is and talked about the differences between Africa and England.

We made fruit kebabs using some of the fruit from the story – they were very delicious and it was hard not to eat them before we took them home!

April 2021

For the last 2 weeks we have had some very special visitors in Nursery.

We have enjoyed waiting for and then watching the 6 eggs hatch.
We have been learning about the lifecycle of a chicken.
The children have spotted lots of things that the chicks can do and what they look like:

“I like the fluffy yellow one – they are really fluffy!”

“I can see their wings, toes and their beaks.”

“That brown one is pecking.”

“They are noisy!”

“I can hear them chirping.”

Over the last few days, the children have had the chance to hold the chicks; some just wanted to have a closer look and a stroke.